Facts To Understand How Dirty Carpets Spread Allergies

Facts To Understand How Dirty Carpets Spread Allergies

Carpets are the hot targets of contagious diseases, germs and microbes which are efficient enough to make the drastic changes whole around. Whether you’re giving them a hard beating or occasional dusting & vacuuming, these particles can only be removed after the application of suitable chemical solutions and taking help of professional carpet cleaning services. The homeowner should follow certain steps as ritual including twice a week vacuuming and twice a year calling expert professional carpet cleaners.

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carpet-AllergyIf infected, a carpet can easily pollute the indoor air of the house and spread the contagious atmosphere as well. If you have pets or kids or asthmatic patients in your house, you need to provide special treatment to these carpets as they produce relatively more airborne diseases if not cleaned for long. Since, in modern days and lifestyle, the humanity spent most of their time indoors. The indoor air quality has now become a concern to the EPA, government and health organisations.

Due to tightly packed and modern houses without balconies, the rooms have little opportunities to dilute the indoor air with fresh air from outside and thus it becomes very important to opt for regular carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning practices.

In a recent study by EPF, it has been concluded that the choice of carpeting in the house can help you to fight with the problems of asthma and allergies. Carpets act as a magnet to suck all the dirt and pollutants or allergens from the air where they settle and sit still. They remain there until the carpet is intricately vacuumed or professionally cleaned. If not cleaned, they can be further or redistributed to the breathing level with just stomping or running or brooming over the flooring surface.

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Due to the same factors, it is strictly advised to clean the carpets like a ritual and hire professional carpet cleaning advises and help at least every six months.

Tips for Reducing Pollutants

  1. The most important thing to keep your carpet clean and appear fresh is vacuuming. You cannot stretch the maintenance period for long.
  2. Vacuum the carpet at least twice a week if you have children and pets at your home.
  3. Regular vacuuming also helps to get rid of carpet dust, mite faeces, animal furs or hair, dander, mould spores, human hair and dead skin, bugs and abrasive sand and soil. Use the vacuum cleaner which has a certified and a high efficient HEPA filtering system. Make sure that the brush set is low enough to create a resonance in the carpet fibres.
  4. Avoid sweeping the surfacing floor with high force or hard.
  5. Random sweeping redistributes allergens into the open air, welcoming more allergic consequences to the house. Vacuuming your floors and follow it with damp cloth sweeping.
  6. Maintain no shoes and doormat installation policy in your home. This will keep the house hygienic and clean all the time and also reduce the probability of your carpet getting dirty.

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