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Spillage and stains are very common as regards to carpet and other fabrics. If they are not treated with caution then it can result in widespread damage. There is a procedure and a series of action which needs to be performed by professionals. Lack of knowledge and experience can cause more damage than good. Therefore we at  Southern Carpet Cleaning engage our professionals who are experience and well versed in treating stains and thus protecting the carpets.

If general rules are followed, they will help to deal with spillages. For unusual and persistent stains, a professional carpet cleaner should be contacted.

  • Getting stains out of the carpet is easier if immediate action is taken. Thus, Southern Carpet Cleaning makes sure to blot off liquid stains with clean dry white cloth or a dry kitchen roll. Only towels or white rags should be used for reducing the risk of color transfer.
  • A plastic spatula is used for removing semi solid substances for Fabric Protection.
  • For cleaning off any remaining stains, a damp cloth that is soaked in warm water is used for blotting the stain. A dabbing action of the cloth is used by our team of professionals which has always proved to be very beneficial. However, the remaining liquid is then blotted out with a kitchen towel which are specifically designed for Carpet Protection Services
  • For minimizing the stain spreading, our very experienced cleaners work from outside the stain and then towards the center of the stain so that the stain does not spread further. We at Southern Carpet Cleaning completely understand that the stain should not be over soaked, therefore we believe that a timely action is very important. Since we have been in this service for several years therefore are able to understand the important of each and every action. Apart from knowing what is required our cleaners lay much importance to things and actions which should be avoided. One such thing is to avoid rubbing the surface and use of Detergents such as soaps, cleaners, dish washing liquids
  • Although the carpet is cleaned satisfactorily, various problems such as color bleeding or re soiling can be caused. The backing or the pile of the carpet can be damaged.
  • If stains are being cleaned from a carpet tile, the tile can be easily lifted and rinsed under the tap. Absorbent paper should be used for mopping up excess moisture. If the tile is being used for cleaning, it must be ensured that it is dry.

Service Areas of Southern Highlands & Illawarra Carpet Cleaning

We provide our carpet cleaning services in Picton, Campbelltown, Bowral, Bundanoon, Wollongong, Mossvale, Camden, Thirlmere, Tahmoor. Southern highlands and Suburb of Wilton area of Outer South Western Sydney, New South Wales.

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