Cleaning Tips: How to Remove Nail Polish from Leather

Cleaning Tips: How to Remove Nail Polish from Leather

Nail polish can be the fantastic thing to enhance your beauty and make you the center of attraction . Talking about the endless range of colors from glossy orange and matte pink to sparkling silver and deep red, all seem to be eye-catching. Colours look good on your nails, but the same colors can give you stress when it accidentally gets spilled on the leather couch. Nail polish stains are common, the untidiness created by them is because of the unfortunate spills.With leather products like purses, belts, coats, and wallets simply holding them after applying nail polish are enough to transfer mark and spot.

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Nails that appear to be dry can have enough moisture to cause a stain. With accurate planning, you can save your furniture from getting damaged forever. Follow these steps to remove nail polish stains from leather. Before we start, you need to keep in mind that, try to act as quickly as possible because the more time you take to remove the nail polish, the more it will get difficult for you to remove them as it will get dry with time.

Removing the nail polish

As mentioned above you need to act as quickly as possible so when you see a drop of nail polish remove it quickly. In a situation where you have spilled nail polish on leather furniture, you should dab it with paper towels or clean cotton rags.While dabbing, you need to be careful so that you don’t spread the polish or cause it to drip on something else like carpet. And gently scraping it with a spatula or other edged surface is suggested when the spill has begun to harden.

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Choosing a cleaner

After removing the excess nail polish, you can still feel the remains of stain that requires removing. Nail polish gets removed with acetone, but you can use rubbing alcohol also if you can’t get acetone that will also work. But rubbing alcohol and acetone together which is the active ingredient in many nail polish removers will discolor the leather color. Testing each substance in a hidden spot and waiting for 24 hours is recommended so that you don’t damage your leather furniture. If you don’t notice any change of color, then you can use it on the stained area to remove the residue of the nail polish.

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Take a rubbing alcohol first as its slightly less harsh than acetone. With the help of cotton swabs dab the stain with small amounts of rubbing alcohol. Using soaked cotton swabs will give you the full control over the amount of alcohol required on the leather. Dab it frequently using as many swabs as necessary.

Although nail polish stains can be tricky to remove, little efforts and use of right methods can help you remove them from your leather furniture. In case you want to restore the healthy look of your leather, you must call a leather cleaning professional. A professional uses right clenaing techniques and also helps you to maintain your leather in amazing condition for long term.

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