Cleaning Tips: How to Clean Glue from Your Carpets

Cleaning Tips: How to Clean Glue from Your Carpets

Anyone who has experienced cleaning craft glue from carpet will surely agree that craft glue and carpet are never on the same side. Craft glue can ruin the look, touch, and feel of your carpet as it is sloppy and sticky. Everyone has an addiction for crafts whether you talk about a kid or a grown up and no such crafts are complete without craft glue.

No matter how careful you are while working on your craft project, spills are the most common incident while working with glue. When it comes to removing the craft glue mess from the carpet, it can leave you frustrated and often – unsuccessful.  When we talk about fresh glue, it’s easy to remove them than the old and hardened glue stains. If not removed properly, glue remains can ruin the look and texture of your carpet. Glue being sticky, its stain will attract dirt Thus, maintaining your carpet will be difficult.

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Here are some tips to help you remove the craft glue from your carpet. You will not stop your loved one’s art and creativity ever again to keep your carpet clean and make yourself free from all the frustration of cleaning glue spills.

Method 1 – By Using a Knife

  1. Scrape it off

With the help of the dull blade of a butter knife scrape off the outside layer of the glue. Make sure you clean your knife at regular intervals and remove as much of the glue by scraping it.

  1. Add water

To lose the grip of glue from carpet, pour a little water over the stain and again scrape it off as much as you can.

  1. Use a cotton rag

When the carpet is almost invisible from the carpet, use a cotton rag to soak up the moisture from the carpet until it’s clean. After soaking up dry the carpet with a cotton rag as much as possible and when you are finished with it let the carpet air-dry.

Method 2 – By Using White Vinegar

  1. Loose the glue

White vinegar can be used to lose the grip of the glue; this will make your cleaning job easier. Pour a little white vinegar over the stain, when you notice the glue is loosening up then start scraping it off.  Do clean the butter knife in between.

  1. Dish soap

When you want to remove the stain completely from the carpet, liquid dish soap can be very helpful. Spray some diluted liquid dish soap over the stained area after using it on an inconspicuous part of the carpet and then start to scrape off the leftover of the glue from the carpet.

  1. Clean the solution

To clean the vinegar and dish soap from the carpet, pour a little amount of water over the area. Using a cotton rag absorb the moisture along with the remains of glue. Repeat this step until the stain is fully invisible. Blot the moisture as much as you can and when you are done with cleaning, let the carpet air-dry.

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Method 3 – Using a Carpet Shampoo

  1. Scratch the top layer

Using a dull blade of a butter knife remove the top layer of the craft glue from the carpet until no more glue comes off.

  1. Diluted carpet shampoo

Spatter some diluted carpet shampoo over the glue stain but before that make sure you test it on the hidden area of the carpet. Dry the area with a cotton rag but make sure you avoid harsh scrubbing. Steadily repeat the step until the entire glue loosens its hold on the carpet fibre.

  1. Clean it with water

As the glue has loosened up, now you need to clean up the carpet shampoo along with the glue by pouring a little water over the area. You need to use a clean and dry cotton rag to blot the moisture. Repeat the steps until carpet shampoo and glue both are invisible. Absorb as much moisture as you can before letting the carpet air-dry.

Method 4 – Using a Hot Iron

  1. Melt it

It’s difficult to remove hardened glue but using a hot iron and paper towels can make your work easy and successful. Cover the hardened glue with a paper towel and run a hot iron over it but don’t run more than 10 seconds at a time. When you notice the glue is getting absorbed by the paper towel after getting melt, replace it with a new one. Using fresh paper towels repeat this method until all the glue comes off the carpet.

When by trying these above methods you not getting any result, professionals can help you in that situation as glue can be tricky to remove. Carpet cleaning professionals have extensive knowledge which will not only help you in removing the glue but will also help you in keeping your carpet new for a long time.

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