Professional Vs DIY Carpet Cleaning Tricks & Results

Professional Vs DIY Carpet Cleaning Tricks & Results

The carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning is a chore that usually preferred to be done during the spring season. The extensive toil and knowledge is the key to successful carpet cleaning. This is the same reason why many carpet owners choose to hire professional carpet cleaning services. It is also advised by the cleaning experts that they should be deep cleaned once or twice a year (as per the traffic in the house). Regular cleaning helps you to avoid experiencing stubborn stains, traffic lanes and accumulation of germs or foul odour. This practice also elongates the life of your carpet.

Carpet cleaning is not just important to improve its appearance but to prolong its performance as well. And when it comes to deep cleaning, many homeowners take a leap forward and choose DIY over professional carpet cleaning. There is a huge difference when you opt for DIY over professional cleaning such as;

  • The unknowing state of carpet’s materials
  • Inability to give proper treatment to the carpet as per their material
  • Usage of recommended materials
  • Usage of powerful yet gentle equipment
  • And etc.

Today, we will discuss the wide difference between professional and DIY carpet cleaning and how you regular should you perform cleaning by yourself.

How Often Should You Clean The Carpet?

To track a record of carpet cleaning, one should focus on the traffic frequency in their home. It includes parties, home events such as housewarming occasions, birthday parties and etc., and family members. Manufacturers recommend getting the carpet cleaned at a minimum of every 12-18 months to save a long life of your carpet and rugs. Also, frequent cleaning is a condition of various kinds of warranties. Carefully read the warranty information tagged along with your carpet.

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Special Fact Of Nylon Carpet

Nylon carpets require immediate attention and regular cleaning more than the others. Nylon contains a hydrogen molecule which builds its the primary source of resiliency. When they experience high traffic or high frequency of foot traffic, the fibres use to flatten down. This causes reactivation of the hydrogen molecule and fibres starts to bounce back then.

Facts About Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning

The carpet cleaning specialists mostly recommend hot water extraction or steam cleaning method to deep clean the carpet. The professionals use this method whereas the heavy and highly advanced equipment cannot be used under DIY carpet cleaning projects. In the steam cleaning method, hot water is sprayed on the carpet with high pressure and then sucked back into the machine. It sucks the major part of the dirt from the carpet. To make this process easier, professionals add a cleaning solution to the water to remove stains and soiling.

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Professional carpet cleaners either use a truck-mounted unit or a portable machine for carpet steam cleaning process. The portable machine can be moved inside the condominiums or apartments. Though, whenever the task requires high efficiency and power, truck-mounted units are used by the professionals.

Risks Of DIY Carpet Cleaning

Homeowners can always rent a portable hot water extraction machine but setting an ideal temperature can be a real challenge. DIY machines do not heat the water to the same high temperature as professional machines. This results in less effective cleaning or consumption of more time. Moreover, the rented machines are not as powerful as the ones used by professionals.

When the complete carpet cleaning process is done and if you find the carpet is still wet, it means that the machine was not powerful enough to do the job effectively. Make sure you are providing proper ventilation after cleaning.

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