How To Get Rid Of Oil Stain Through Carpet Cleaning

How To Get Rid Of Oil Stain Through Carpet Cleaning

Oils and grease are the most hated things on the Earth by carpet owners. And definitely, the reason is not unknown by anyone existing in this planet. The stains done by oil and grease are to remove and cause permanent mark sometimes.

When you fall something on the floor, it can be either cleaned easily or can be hidden carefully by rugs and carpets. But the same cannot be done when the spill is done over a carpet or an area rug! An oil stain can become quite messy and gradually it will make them look more dark and dirty. Besides its appearance, the smell is another problem of such kind of stains.

Thus, it is very important to get rid of this kind of stains immediately as you spot it. Don’t let it enjoy any time because that will make it more stubborn.

Here are various methods that are successful to remove such stains:

Type 1 (Olive oil stain)

Check out the list:

  • A dry piece of towel or cloth
  • A medium sized bucket to pour water into it
  • Clean and fresh water source
  • A vacuum cleaner.
  • Any kind of scrub or toothbrush
  • A packet of cornstarch or baby powder
  • Dish soap for grease
  • Pair of gloves
  • Clean brown papers
  • Clean newspapers

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  1. Use brown paper or any waste newspaper or any spare cloth from the cupboard to soak the excess oil on the carpet. Soak as much oil as you can with this kind of absorbent material.
  2. Keep on doing it when you feel or witness that there is no additional layer of oil.
  3. Before on to the next step, make sure, it is completely done.
  4. After ensuring, apply corn starch or baby powder over the affected region. The additional oil which you haven’t noticed through naked eyes will be absorbed by cornstarch.
  5. Leave the corn starch for an hour at least for more effectiveness.
  6. When it is done with such a little effort, switch on the vacuum cleaner. Vacuum and clean the carpet to remove the residue – corn starch.
  7. You will spot tiny bits of oil are still there. To remove the stain, apply grease removal dish soap over the area tiny area.
  8. Scrub the dish wash applied area with a scrub or a toothbrush.
  9. After it is done, clean the entire part with damp and clean towels or clothes.
  10. Leave the area to dry overnight or can use ironing as well for a quick show-up.

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Type 2 (Massage oil stain)

Check out the list:

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Clean hand towels
  • Newspapers & Brown papers
  • Clean water source


  1. Put some water on the stained area according to the area covered by the stain.
  2. Then pour rubbing alcohol on the piece of papers or cloth.
  3. Scrub the area effectively without hurting the fibres of the carpet.
  4. Keep on scrubbing until you see a clean area like before.

Type 3 (Car oil)

Check out the list:

  • Clean water
  • Oil cleaning soap or detergent available in the house
  • Scrubbing brush
  • Dry towels

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  1. Pour some water droplets over the affected or stained area of the carpet.
  2. Dab the area with pressure and some towels so that they can soak the excessive amount of oil from the carpet fibres.
  3. After doing this, apply the cleaning solution.
  4. Leave the cleaning solution as it is on the carpet for an hour or two (according to the stubbornness of the stain).
  5. Scrub the area with the brush maintaining the force required to remove the stain.
  6. Then clean the spot or area with clean towels or cloth.
  7. Let the carpet dry completely.

These methods are best home DIYs but for a more serious case or stubborn oil stain on the carpet, always hire professional carpet cleaning company who know the exact tools and procedure to clean up the mess. Giving it to the hands of the expert, make them live longer and appear bright as ever. So, what are you waiting for!?

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