Dry cleaning v/s Steam cleaning

Dry cleaning v/s Steam cleaning

It is very important to keep the carpet clean, as tiny dust particles can very easily get accumulated and can lead to various kind of health issues. There are various ways to clean the carpet however the most common ways to clean the carpet is dry cleaning and steam cleaning.

Both have their own sets of advantages as well as disadvantages which are stated below.

Wet cleaning also known as steam cleaning is one of the most commonly used process of cleaning the carpet. There are a variety of benefits of using a steam cleaner or getting your carpet steam cleaned. The biggest advantage of steam cleaning over other methods of cleaning your carpet in indeed it is a very effective way of cleaning which makes use of chemicals therefore guarantees thorough cleaning of the carpet irrespective of how dirty the carpet may be. Other than that it’s relatively quick to get back the carpet back to use as it dries very quickly and the carpet can be used instantly. Last but not the least, keeping in mind the cleaning provided, it is a very cost effective way of cleaning.

However there are few of the disadvantages of steam cleaning as well but they can be foresighted after seeing the above advantages. Since it makes use of steam which ultimately makes the carpet wet therefore it is Not suitable for colder climates where heating is not provided as carpet can take longer to dry. Another major disadvantage of using steam cleaning method is that since it makes use chemicals, therefore it might not be suitable for all kind of fabric and end up damaging them. Lastly if the steam cleaning is not properly performed then the chemicals may remain deep inside the carpet and may lead to allergic reactions.

Another very popular way of cleaning the carpet is dry cleaning with an absorbent compound. The biggest advantage of dry cleaning your carpet is that it’s one of the simplest method to use as compared to other techniques. Unlike the steam cleaning method it does not leave the carpet wet for a longer interval of time. The carpet gets dried instantly once it is vacuumed. Since the carpet does not need to be left for drying therefore it is quicker for it to be used after the cleaning is completed. If the carpet is dry cleaned by professionals who are well versed with the technique then, it works out to be quite cost effective as well.

However just like all techniques have some drawbacks ,similarly the dry cleaning method also has just a few drawbacks such as the Powder may not seep in properly hence carpet may not get cleaning thoroughly which can lead to allergies if not vacuumed properly.

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