Cleaning Tips : How to Remove Ink Stain from Carpet?

Cleaning Tips : How to Remove Ink Stain from Carpet?

Removing ink stain can be a challenge in itself. Most often it’s because of the children in a house that create a need for quick ink stain removal, but that doesn’t mean that adults are far from this, they are prone to accidents as well. Talking further, there are various types of ink stains to face with and all have their challenges. It’s costly and time consuming if you spill ink on your carpets but the toughest part of ink stain removal will be using the wrong treatment to get rid of it. As it might damage your carpet and might force you to invest in new one. Here are a few tips that you need to follow when trying to deal with ink stain removal:

  1. Before starting the procedure you need to check if the ink is fresh and still wet if it is then you must take a clean moist cloth to remove as much of the ink as possible by soaking up at the stain. It’s suggested to keep the area off from spreading the stain or pushing it further into the fibres by blotting it. And if it is a larger one, it is best to work from outside towards the centre.
  2. With a rubbing alcohol, moisten a cloth and blot at the stain. You will notice while blotting, the ink will begin to transfer to the cloth. Make sure you use a clean piece cloth or cleaner side to remove as much of the ink as possible to prevent adding the removed ink back in. if anyhow rubbing alcohol is not available, use hairspray to spray the area well. The cheaper ones will work in your favour as they will contain higher levels of alcohol in them. Remember, not to overdo the rubbing alcohol as too much alcohol
  3. Often the rubbing alcohol is sufficient to remove the stain but if anyhow the stain remains, you need to make your cleaning solution a bit stronger by following these guidelines.
  4. Take a small bowl and combine one part of OxyClean and one part of rubbing alcohol.
  5. Now with the help of that solution moisten a clean cloth and blot it again as before.
  6. Make sure you use the clean side of the cloth each time until all of the stains is removed.
  7. When the stain is invisible, blot the area with clean water to rinse. Do make sure all of the cleaning solutions is removed as the residuum can leave a sticky layer that will easily collect dirt and dust.
  8. To absorb the remaining liquids, take a dry, clean cloth and press firmly over the area. If the stain is large, by the help of a couple of dry, clean towels place them over the cleaned area and cover with a heavy book or weight for a couple of hours. This will help the fibers to dry more quickly by drawing the water out.
  9. After the area is dry, check all the areas if any stain is still there or not and if it is then you need to repeat the above steps to remove them
  10. After all, the stains have removed and carpet has dried, take a vacuum and vacuum it over the area to restore the fibers to their original texture.

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Ink comes in many colours and types, any of them can create a problem if present to remove from carpet or many other surfaces. The staining material is intense and without taking the proper steps to contain the ink blob, it will spread to many times its original size. As different carpets react differently to various cleaning solutions. It’s always suggested to test a small, hidden area first to make sure there is no damage to the fibers or colouring of the carpet.

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